Community Tennis Tournaments 

What are F5 Tennis Tournaments?

F5 Tennis Tournaments are  designed for neighborhoods, communities, or individual teams, offering a fresh approach to club level tennis. F5 Tennis introduces an innovative format where Round Robin-style matches unfold over an eight-week tournament, with flexible match scheduling to provide a competitive tennis experience. 

Weekly Matches For all Players

Flexible Match Scheduling 

Competitive Playoff Format

Free & Paid Registration Options 

F5 Tournament Options

F5 Tennis Tournaments can be held at any time. A free F5 Tournament bracket is available, or a team/community can register for a full F5 Tennis Tournament on the Registration page. Once registered, your team/community private F5 Tournament Site will be created and made accessible through the Team Site Login page. Teams of 8 or 16 players required for tournament play.

F5 Mission & Vision

Adding F5 Tennis tournaments alongside regular league play, such as USTA and ALTA, creates an extraordinary experience for tennis communities. It fosters teams that are deeply connected, relentlessly improving, and designed to endure. Rooted in our understanding of the challenges of managing and growing community tennis leagues, we aspire to build teams that not only excel in traditional league play but also serve as a supportive platform where players of varying skill levels can come together, exchange knowledge, and cultivate lasting relationships. Read Our Story.

Matches, Playoffs & Championship

F5 Tournaments consist of 8 weeks of play: 5 Rounds, 2 Playoff Rounds, and 1 Championship match. All registered players play in all Rounds and all Playoff Rounds (one match per week). F5 match format is designed to be progressively difficult for advanced players to ensure equal opportunity for all players. An F5 Championship match will be played by the top four players from each level. Levels are determined by the total number of players in the tournament. The winner of each level may be awarded an optional F5 Championship trophy.

Match Scheduling

Similar to T2 or Ultimate, tennis match dates & times are scheduled by players at a time convenient to all participants. Matches must be completed before the designated "Play By Date". Matches may be completed earlier than their assigned week if agreed by all players.  

F5 Tennis Rules, Points and Scoring

The name F5 (Fast 5), refers to the fast pace of play as F5 tournament matches consist of 4 games per set and 5 sets per match (20 games per match). On average, matches last 60-90 minutes. A full description of F5 Tennis Rules of Play can be found on the Rules of Play page.  

USTA Rules & Regulations 

F5 Tennis follows all other USTA Rules & Regulations for play. For questions or concerns, please see the USTA Tennis Rules & Regulations