F5 Season Player Pairing

Once a Team Coordinator registers their team for an F5 Tennis Tournament, F5's matching algorithm automatically creates partner pairings for the entire F5 Tennis season. At the conclusion of the regular season, playoff brackets will be established to provide all players the best opportunity to win their level.  

Match Scheduling

Similar to T2 or Ultimate, tennis match dates & times are scheduled by players at a time convenient to all participants. Matches must be completed before the designated "Play by date". Matches may be completed earlier than their assigned week if agreed by all players.   

Match Schedule - Grace Period

If a match cannot be completed during the assigned time period, a 7 day grace period will be allowed. At the end of the grace period, a match default rule will be enforced with each player receiving 7 points. To avoid a match default, it is highly encouraged to utilize alternative players. Alternative players can be any player (male/female) which is agreed to by all players. Alternative players do not need to be registered players.   

Playoffs & Championship

All players are eligible for 2 rounds of playoffs. However, only the top 4 players from each level will advance to the F5 Championship match. The championship match consists of 5 sets of tennis, with the top 2 players from each level advancing to a tiebreaker match to determine the outright level champion. 

Match Play

There are 4 games per set, and 5 sets per match (20 games total). Within a set, each player serves one game following standard USTA Rules and Scoring. Players do not change sides during a set. At the start of each set, players may elect to spin a racket to determine the side that serves first. At the end of 3 sets, all players will have completed a set with each player once. Example below: 

Set 1: Players 1 & 2 vs. Players 3 & 4 

Set 2: Players 1 & 3 vs. Players 2 & 4 

Set 3: Players 1 & 4 vs. Players 2 & 3 

After the 3rd Set, scores are totaled to determined pairings for Sets 4 & 5. Pairings do not change after new points have been earned in the 4th Set. In the event of a tie where multiple players have equal points, a racket spin determines player placement (higher/lower). This does not change a players point total, only their partner pairing for Sets 4 & 5. 

Set 4: Players HS1 & LS1 vs. Players HS2 & LS2 

Set 5: Players HS1 & LS2 vs. Players HS2 & LS1 

Player Points

Each game won earns the winning players 1 point each (4 points available per player,  per set). Example: If Players 1 & 2 win a game against Players 3 & 4, then both Players 1 & 2 will earn 1 point each. 

Point Example for John Jones:

Match Point Total for John Jones: 12  

Point Totals Per Set

The total score for all 4 players should equal 40 points at the conclusion of a match. Below is a point total breakout for each set. Players should track their personal point total during a match, or designate one individual to track this for 4 players.  Point totals should be input by one individual for the group at the conclusion of a match. This can be done via smartphone on your F5 Team Site (see example).  

Set 1: Total points should equal 8

Set 2: Total points should equal 16

Set 3: Total points should equal 24

Set 4: Total points should equal 32

Set 5: Total points should equal 40

F5 Tennis Rules & Regulations 

USTA Rules: F5 Tennis follows all other USTA Rules & Regulations for play. For questions or concerns, please see the USTA Tennis Rules & Regulations